It only takes a minute to change your life

Couldn’t sleep again and made some food for sahur coz thinking of fasting today..

Lately, I’ve got some problems and some challenges to overcome in my life…

Maybe I should have move on and try to see it in positive way…

One of my close friend whom I always share my problem said to me…

“Apa la yang ko risaukan sangat? You’ve got a job that everyone dreams of getting it…Your career is in place already”..”Ko boleh dapat sapa2 yang sesuai nanti”…

It’s true my friend that I already got the job that I’ve been dreaming of since last 2 years,i am already in Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (PTD) service grade M41…

I’m kinda happy wif my job anyway..Something that I’ve been sought of…After 2 and half years in Astro,MAB, Panasonic..I finally made it and now I’m on service in MOSTI…

But whoever it is wouldn’t be the same with someone we used to love and we still love the person until today although we are not fated to be together..

Sometimes, fate is so cruel…Yet we have to accept it and move on..

But rite now, at this time 6.01am, I’ve made up my mind…I want to move on, be someone that I used to be before..Didn’t think that much of this silly thing…Focus on my career, being the best, rise to the top, follow the 360 Degrees Leader book advice as well The Paradoxical Commandment…

I guess it’s really true it only takes a minute to change your life…from the book that I read before…

Let’s enjoy our life again…Starting with something that I wanted to do long time ago…


Be happy again like at this time?

Did u see this kak?

Did u see this kak?

  1. apa yang hangpa duk ngarut ni?

    • nohzhn
    • May 3rd, 2008

    remi, ur theme now is more clear and smart. more interactable. i think u should by host lah. 😉

  2. ad, i am rite now mengarutING like u in ur blog hehe…

    bintie…dulu i got host, but then i dont think it worth it.. i didnt renew it..

    • syukur
    • May 5th, 2008

    aiii..sedih clash pun nak heboh gak..adehh..udahla tu..keep in mind ek..low profile la..long journey for u to satisfy now..peace

  3. so i mengaruting now?hahaha

    en syukur ni sape?

  4. A’a..tu la..syukur ni sapa?

  5. look straight forward, walk straight ahead. just walk, don’t think. and don’t turn back. try that, most of the times it worked 😉

    • lane
    • May 8th, 2008

    get over it! (u know wat i mean!)

    • agree
    • May 8th, 2008

    i dont think PTD is the job every one dream of .
    do you think PTD can make you earn 50k a month ?
    maybe not every one , but most people dream of more earning . PTD is not the dream job 😀

    • s e n
    • May 8th, 2008

    ayah aku dah jadi PTD 20++ tahun . tak nampak ape ape yg menarik plak . mungkin bagi yg tak penah rasa , maybe interesting . but i think , jadi menteri / bisnesman jutawan , mmg dream job utk semua org .

    • agree
    • May 8th, 2008

    why you delete my comment ? i think you have problem with your self . sorry

  6. agree, all comments need my approval, your comments have been approved..

    anyway,ptd is not the job every one dream of but most people dream of it, if not there wouldn’t be 50k candidates applying for the job for every intake..

    i know ptd won’t let me earn 50k a month,if i want to earn 50k a month, i wouldn’t leave my job at panasonic which I enjoyed much higher salary over there…

    Maybe you dream of earning more but i dream of earning with satisfaction…I enjoyed much higher salary in my previous job but I wasn’t satisfied..Now i am satisfied now with what I do everyday,this is my destiny..

    Life wouldn’t be fun if everyone prefers the same thing…

  7. Wow, this blog is hot..

    I believe we have our own plan and dream, let us do our part in supporting remi here with his dream job. It might not make him earn like you do, at least he is happy, and friends need to support each other..

    Don’t stereotype jobs and people, who knows someday we might need each other help… =)

    I’m just an ordinary guy who has a small dream to achieve…


    • syukur
    • May 19th, 2008

    One more thing..just curiosity… why u decided PTD was your dream job? Is it the challenging environment? to become future ambassodor and stay abroad? comfy office room with secretary assign? guarantee house gov skim?..hmm..kinda share with us your definition of your ‘dream job’ to this blog..u have shared with us your storylife (breakup with gf,mas kawin,lyrics,PTD,passion ManU,pictures), so why wont u’ll ignore this topic kan? Peace man…

  8. Eerr..

    Syukur I think you are exciting guy….Mind telling us about yourself?

    =) cheers!

  9. yea, introduce yourself,then i shall answer you..make youself known…

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