I want a PDA

Oh yes, I’ve been seriously thinking about getting a PDA lately…Since I always have to attend lots of meeting and many reminders I need to remind myself… I guess having a PDA will help me to organize myself better, and of coz I’m looking for a PDA with wifi capability…3g of course…

So far, I’ve been scouting for the best PDAs available in the market but my eyes are caught by these two models:


This is really a powerful device, more powerful than any other device after I’ve been studying on the spec of the device.It has:It has a sliding keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3G,Windows Mobile 6, Stylus, Organizer, 3MP camera… Certainly the hottest model right now in market…Really looking forward to grab this device.. Price is RM2.8k.

However, after I decided to go for TyTN II, there is a new device coming out soon in the market by Sony Ericcsson.. which is:

2. Sony Xperia X1

Sony Xperia X1 is coming out soon. Expected to roll out 2nd half of 2008..Hopefully it will come out in June 2008 so I can make up my mind as soon as possible..It has a brilliant design, stylish..the functionality is the same as TyTn II…It has 3G,keyboard,WiFi,WM6 and wonderful design of display which can display 9 functions of the PDA in a single display..Price? I dont know hopefully do not exceed RM3K…

So guys, do you want a PDA as well?Let me know, if you dont like PDA let me know as well why dont you like it?Or if you already have a PDA do share with me about your device…

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    • May 2nd, 2008

    sorry . got other commitment . marriage come first . kehendak later later

  1. get married first?when?invite me to the wedding ya lol

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