First day reporting to Unit

So today 15th April 08,I reported to Strategic Planning Unit, Industry Division, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The unit is relatively a new unit and still lack of manpower, so I can expect to do multi tasking job at this unit and not only focus to my specific job desc.

I was introduced to the staff in the unit. Our first task of the day is to attend a meeting with a Dato’, erk…first day have to attend meeting with Dato’? The meeting finished our working time until afternoon and then I need to rush to Malaysian Nuclear Agency in Bangi for a briefing with MOSTI minister, Dato’ Dr. Maximus Ongkili.. That took me until evening, I was also escorted the minister for a visit to Nuclear agency facility and I did see how a nuclear reactor looks like heheh…

My boss said to me, on your first day you already met your minister and went to see how a nuclear reactor looks like, not bad … ahahah..

Today task was fun but still waiting to see bad part like need to OT until late…

  1. syg…blaja wat nuklear…kite bom amerika!!! hahaha (jatuhkan bom nuc atas kepala bush!!!)

  2. kite belajar nuklear utk kebaikan seperti menambah produktif lelaki heheh

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