2nd day at MOSTI

Woo,,so today is my 2nd of pooling in MOSTI…pagi2 datang brekfest jap dkt kafe JPA..

after that, had a briefing from Cik Erda,hehehe….Filled out form..

Finally, HR Director met us and interviewed us one by one and recommended where all of us will be posted. I was chosen for Industry division in MOSTI, not really sure what it is all about but I’m willing to give it my best shot, just do it until DPA hehe..

In the evening, I did my assignment and took some pictures…

  1. tabik encik ptd!

  2. lol…

  3. hahahah

  4. gwe ske r mung cenggini :p

  5. suke mcm mana tu? šŸ˜›

  6. smart n adorable. ade karisma. i like :). hope u enjoy and doing good with ur work and life. good luck!

  7. thanks for the compliment..hope u are also happy wif ur life and wish u for the best…

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