First Day at MOSTI

Today is my first day as a government servant, reporting to Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation at Kompleks C, Putrajaya for Pegawai Tadbir and Diplomatik M41 position. For those who doesn’t know how does MOSTI building looks like, perhaps this picture can enlighten you all.

I arrived there at 7.30am and then met Abbil and other colleagues for our first day reporting to MOSTI. Basically, nothing much happened on the first day except that we (including me) wore blazer in the office and everybody was keep staring at us (Budak poyo mana pakai blazer ni, mesti PTD baru)….

We were briefed by an officer about MOSTI function and the organization chart and vacancies available. It was kinda boring and most of us were already in dreaming mode…

Had lunch at JPA cafeteria, quite lot of women eating there, maybe there are lots of women in governemtn service.

In the evening, we were given hell lots of form to be filled and to be returned back..Then realized I havent finished my DPA assignment..Dammit…

Tomorrow hopefully there are more interesting things to come…

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