Future Resolution

My friends and me talked about our resolution, what i mean is future resolution, in other words what is our long term planning in life..

So, I shared my future resolution…

– Joining PTD.Lots of people were questioning my decision to join PTD since I have to downgrade my salary, if i care so much bout money,i won’t join PTD,i know if i stay here i can get more money but i’m thinking for future, i think PTD will give me more in the future than what I have rite now..

– Buying a house, preferably 2 storey house, probably within 2-3 years from now on..

-Get married?hehehe….with who?Only time will tell…but not at this time…Of course planning to get married after buying a house.. Why get married?You can have a free hassle life without getting married..well you know man was made for woman and vice versa..Getting married will help you to focus on your life,career,financial etc.. By getting married, you have doubled your wealth 2 times?Can’t believe?Think about it…

-Buying a car?Hm, a car is not my high priority since car is not an asset but it is a liability..That’s why I just use my cute Savvy,fuel efficient and cheap to maintain..

-Involve in politic in the near future..Not full time,just join for part time,mingle around with people so you’ll know more people and have more connection, that’s the power of knowing people…

So….guys…What is your future resolution?

Care to share?

  1. As for me, I buy house next year during my summer vacation…oh dear~ Then getting married in 3-4 years…All with God’s will…

    =) cheers

  2. future resolution? hurm. gonna re-arrange everythings back since sume dah tunggang terbalik. what a life…..

    gonna let u know, maybe next year kot =P

  3. tunggang terbalek?siannye~

  4. buy house during summer vacation?is it buying house like buying gifts during vacation?hehehe

  5. dah tu kata nak balek msia…so masa summer je cuti, and masa cuti je balek msia…huhuhu

  6. beli utk nisa skali la ek

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