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Towards 24th March 08

My last date in Panasonic is 19th March 08 which falls on next week Wednesday.

The workload is more than usual, catching up with dateline and I want to complete the transition of my workload to my colleague..

Today, I just knew that I need to buy shoe with laces and more white collar T shirt.

I still haven’t done my medical checkup, hard to find free time to do it…damn it….

Finally, on 24th, I will attend PTD Unggul in Intan Kemaman which happened only once in life and would be truly enjoyable, expect tough rules over there..

Starting from 24th, I will start my life as PTD…something that I have been targeting for the past 2 years..

Lastly, my message to Pak Lah..

I’m not really sure how are you going to regain support from Malaysian if your son in law is still there…

How Mahathir regained support from Malaysian is something that Pak Lah should seriously consider to learn..